From the laboratory to your boat

Test1 is a company whose main mission is the development and application of innovative materials and systems for environmental protection. The main office is in Brescia where the production plant and the research and development laboratory are also located. In 2018, a representative office was opened in the United Kingdom, in Edinburgh. Thanks to an intense Research and Development activity lasting years, the Test1 laboratories have patented FoamFlex200, a special polyurethane material aimed at recovering hydrocarbons. Since the first tests FoamFlex200 manifests itself as a real revolution in the sector of prevention and remediation of oil spills. Features that, immediately, find verification and recognition. The Test1 patent is selected in 2018 among the top 10 innovations in the Oil & Gas sector by the Oil & Gas Technology Center in Aberdeen. In the same year FoamFlex200 is awarded with the Seal Of Excellence of the European community. FoamFlex200 is also tested according to the ASTM protocol and certified by the Italian Ministry of the Environment.
At the same time, Test1 begins to supply its technology at a national (including Fire Brigade) and international level, making a fundamental contribution in the hydrocarbon remediation operations.

Water is the matter of life.
Our actions are hurting her.
We can intervene and protect it with